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Standalone international friendlies are not as prevalent these days, with a more crowded calendar and the advent of things like Nations League on both sides of the Atlantic, but we do see national sides still get together to stay fresh, test their squads, and tune-up for major competitions like the World Cup.

Of course, these summer friendlies do open the opportunities for clubs to meet unfamiliar foes. Exhibition games involve nations in North America playing teams from Africa, Asia or Europe. Generally, international friendlies happen between countries within the same confederation. That way, countries minimize travel costs.

However, in an intercontinental exhibition, the summer friendlies can welcome fresh faces and play styles.

Since they are not tied to any specific competition broadcast rights agreements, these standalone matches can be found across various TV channels and streaming services, so there is no one catch-all place to see everything. Historically even when talking about the United States Men’s and Women’s National Teams, who do have rights deals for all of their games in the US, friendly games have often been split between several different channels throughout the year. For games on linear TV, fuboTV is a great streaming option as it features a good variety of sports networks that often carry the games.